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About DTS

Digital Tree Studio, Inc. has been established in late 2009 as a result of a long-term cooperation of several specialists with a 10+ years experience in the Internet, software development and graphic design related fields.

At present, our team consists of six professionals; however, if the assignment requires more resources, we collaborate with other trusted and equally experienced free-lancing programmers, developers, graphic designers, illustrator, photographers, etc.

Whether it is as simple as designing a business card or banner, or whether the project is much more advanced like developing a multi-functional website and/or custom web-based application, our team at Digital Tree Studio, Inc. is more than capable of handling any project.

Our team is compromised of skilled, professional and multi-cultural talents that work diligently to deliver a high-end product. Each member of our group comes from a different background and culture, and because of this, we can create a diversified product that mirrors different experiences and expertise. Additionally, this unique arrangement enables us to deliver multi-language projects, which are specifically tweaked to serve those particular ethnic communities.

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